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Eye and Vision Care

I see a curved bright yellow line in left eye



I see a bright flash of curved yellow light in my left eye. It was infrequent at first a couple of days ago, but I have seen it about 12 times tonight. It occurs sometimes when I turn my head rapidly, or blink. It is like a sliver of curved yellow light on the left of my field of vision in my left eye. I am kind of scared. I have had laser surgery on both eyes to reduce astigmatism about 10 years ago. Please respond quickly. Thank you,


Thank you for visiting NetWellness. Please note, NetWellness is not an emergency service, and your question will not be assigned to one of our experts. Please do not hesitate to call your primary care provider, your eye doctor, or go to your local emergency room should you feel that you need immediate care.

Best wishes.

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