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Can I Use the Morning After Pill Many Times?



Dear expert, Can I use emergency birth control pill several time? If this possible, how long is it between each use? Is it still safe from pregnancy to have sex after I take the pill and if so,how long after taking the pill is it safe from pregnancy?


Emergency contraception is essentially a high dose oral contraceptive pill intended for contraception failure. It is not intended to be used as routine contraception. It can be used more than once per cycle, but this is not recommended due to undesirable side effects such a breakthrough bleeding and cramping. It is recommended that effective contraception be started following the emergency contraceptive dose and a back up method (condoms) should be used for 7 days. Bottom Line: The best recommendation is to have consistent reliable contraception. Planned Parenthood offers very inexpensive options for oral contraception. If you have trouble remembering to take a pill every day, there are multiple other options: Patch, Ring, Injection, or Implant.

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