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Is this normal?!



Okay i am 16 and i weigh 118 and i am 5`6" and i have no idea what is wrong with me. I wake up and there will be vaginal discharge in my panties it is brown and it smells really bad! it doesn`t seem normal, because i can sometimes smell it through my pants. Its embarrassing and i do wash myself down there A LOT i try my hardest for the odor to go away, but it just wont. I do have an irregular period and i never know when its going to happen, but the only time i do not have to discharge is when i have my period and i have a tampon in. Please help, cause i haven`t went to my mom yet, and i don`t want to if i can help it. I change my panties 2 times a day. and it still smells.. PLEASE HELP!!


The vaginal discharge may just be normal versus an infection (like bacterial vaginosis). Brownish discharge may also be a mixtrure of vaginal discharge and some blood (which can also cause a lot of odor). I highly recommend you see your doctor and discuss this so an evaluation can be done.

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Riza T Conroy, MD Riza T Conroy, MD
Clinical Assistant Professor of Family Medicine
College of Medicine
The Ohio State University