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Athletic Training

Knee Problems



What are hamstring curls and leg extensions? Also, I tried one leg lunges, and it created pain in my knees. What can I do to build up strength in my knees if I am unable to do lunges?


Thank you for using NetWellness! Hamstring curls are when you lay on the ground on your stomach and then curl your leg up, ankle to your butt. Your should feel a pull or contraction in the back of your thigh, which is where your hamstring is located. Most gyms have machines that you can lay on and then put weight onto so you are getting more strength in the muscle.


Leg Extensions are when you sit up straight off a table, knees bent over the table and then completely extend your leg. In this position you should feel a pull or contraction in the front part of your thigh, which is where your quadriceps muscle is located. Gyms typically have this machine as well so you can add weight to the extension.


As far as lunges go, they do put a lot of stress on your knees. So I would stick with the above exercises to build up strength first, they are just as good for your muscles and very easy on your knees. Hope this helps! Again, thanks for using the NetWellness service.

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Courtney Dolphin-Siegel, MEd, ATC
Assistant Trainer
College of Medicine
The Ohio State University