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Urinary Disorders

Throbbing Flank Pain, and Painful Urination.



About 1.5 weeks ago, I started to have pain when I urinated. Then, I started having a throbbing pain on my right flank area. Then, it moved to my left flank area, and then it moved again, to both sides, and then back to my right side. (The pain when I urinate, comes and goes.) The throbbing is painful and uncomfortable. It feels like something is swollen and pulsating with each heart beat. I feel very tired and have lost my appetite. If I do a lot of activity, like go to the grocery store, the throbbing worsens and I feel like I will pass out. The strange thing is, there have been a few days that I didnt have pain when I urinated, or any throbbing at all. About 2 nights ago I ran a fever, had chills and sweats, and was in so much pain that I didnt sleep all night. I finally went to the docotor today, and he was so rude to me that I cried. He said that there was blood in my urine, but he thought it was from the period that I just had. He refused to run any tests to see what could be wrong with me, and he basically just blew me off. I am 29 yrs old and exhausted. Do you have any idea what could be wrong with me?


I am not certain what is causing your symptoms but would suggest that you be seen and examined by a urologist. Taking a more complete history, performing a physical examination, checking a urinalysis and urine culture, followed by possible xrays may help to determine the etiology of your symptoms. Kidney or ureteral stones, urinary tract infections, and vaginal infections can cause some of the symptoms you describe. Chills and fever can be a sign of an infection. A second opinion and examination by a urologist would seem the logical next step in the evaluation.

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Donald R Bodner, MD Donald R Bodner, MD
Professor of Urology
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Case Western Reserve University