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Eye and Vision Care

Cataract Surgery



Is it a possibility that mild Dry Macular Degeneration cannot be determined if the cataract is very bad? What can the consequences be if cataract surgery is performed without the knowledge of mild Dry Macular Degeneration? Also, could Blepharitis be a side effect from cataract surgery?

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Yes, it is possible that a doctor might not be able to see mild dry macular degeneration through a dense cataract. People have wondered if cataract surgery makes macular degeneration worse.

 The best evidence about this comes from a study published in February 2009 (in the journal Ophthalmology) that monitored more than 1000 people with macular degeneration of all stages who had cataract surgery. They found that cataract surgery did not cause macular degeneration to get worse any faster than it did for people who did not have cataract surgery.

Blepharitis is a very common inflammation of the eyelids, but it is not a specific side effect of cataract surgery. However, for a few days after surgery, there may, be some mild lid discomfort.  

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Roanne   Flom, OD Roanne Flom, OD
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College of Optometry
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