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Urinary and Genital Disorders (Children)

Is it a UTI, Yeast Infecton or Something Else



My daughter is 3 yrs old and her problem is always the same, she complains that her "tail" is hurting! This problem happens few times and far apart, but she always complains with her vagina area. When I have taken her to her pediatrican they have cultured her urine and said an infection may be present and gave her antibiotcs. The last time I took her to urgent care on her 3rd b-day and they did not look at the area that she was complaining with or culture her urine. They just had me describe what was wrong said it was a UTI and gave her antibiotics. Here we are 6 months later and the problem is back! She goes all day without complaining then at night she wakes up holding herself and saying "My tail hurts mommy! I need a bath." and I know she is in pain with the way she holds herself and whines. Now she is potty trained, but hates to wear underware. She still wears pull-ups although she doesn`t use them. She always uses the potty even during the night. What could be causing this? I am very concerned. Please help! Thank you.


The most common cause of this complaint is constipation. Even though she may seem to have regular bowel movements, intermittent complaints of pain in the rectal area often are secondary to constipation. Daily treatment with Miralax Powder often takes care of the condition.

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