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Vascular Surgery

Blood clot



I have currently taken Lovenox for one month and Coumadin for the past two months. I have been told I could be taken off Coumadin and return to work. the results of my ultrasound below state that I have "residual chronic thrombus" still in my calf... Question: Should I stop Coumadin? What specialist should I see? The results from my ultrasound: The left lower extremity deep venous system from the common femoral vein through the popliteal vein demonstrates normal compressibility. However, there are persistent intraluminal echoes within a venous structure located at the posteromedial aspect of the midleft calf, compatible with residual chronic thrombus most likely located within the posterior tibial vein. There are channels of vascular flow through and around the thrombus material consistent with partial recanalization of a chronic venous thrombus.


Chronic thrombus is old clot that scars to the wall. You should speak to whoever is prescribing the coumadin as to when you can come off of it. Nearly all medical doctors take care of these types of problems and should be able to help answer any questions you might have. Take care!

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