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Eye and Vision Care

Retina Patient From Pakistan...Please reply!?



Dear Doctor.

I don’t know from where to start. My disease is not something unique and one of its kind but non of the doctor in my country could satisfy me and give me a solution. I am very much disappointed and today someone referred me to you and gave me some hope. Any ways let me summarize my case;

My name is Mazahir and I am 32, recently married. My eye sight started fading down from the age of 18 years but the effect was so nominal that I didn’t take notice of it and kept working with spectacles.

However, with the passage of time, I realized that there is some problem with my eyes I can only see objects if I bring them close to my eyes. Far placed objects are now become difficult to identify.but fortunately, I can still see things but not like a normal man.

I have been getting treatment from the best doctors in my country since 2004 and it’s almost 6 years but the results are not so encouraging.I wanted to write and explain you my medical history but due to the nature of my reports i can`t write the details and have the scanned copies of them. I don`t see any option to attached the scanned file.

I would be very thankful to you if you please consider me as your patient and at least suggest me if i am treatable or not. I want to send you the reports, please give me any email address.

Would be really lucky if i get a reply from you.

God Bless you and look forward for your reply.

Thank you.

Regards Mazahir from Pakistan.


I obviously cannot provide a diagnosis and treatment plan without examining you.

However, I would advise that you be seen at a medical teaching hospital in Pakistan. Those facilities have modern equipment and doctors who not only see complex cases but also teach younger doctors the art of differential diagnosis. Be sure to take all of your old eye records with you.

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Robert D Newcomb, OD, MPH, FAAO Robert D Newcomb, OD, MPH, FAAO
Professor Emeritus of Clinical Optometry
College of Optometry
The Ohio State University