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Very High Iron Levels



I`m a 47 yr old female and am being seen by a Chiropractor for insomnia, fatigue and chronic pain. He ran a bunch of lab work. My iron levels are: (Serum Iron) 208, normal lab range is 35 - 155, (TIBC) 239, lab normal 250 - 390. I also tested positive for gluten sensitivity and adrenal fatigue. The only thing he`s having me do for the iron levels is eat a low iron diet and take vitamin B complex. He wants me to re do all the labs in 45 days. Should I be doing more?


The key point here is that your iron to TIBC ratio, which means saturation index, is somewhat on the high side.  We usually recommend in that situation  to proceed with a ferritin level and consideration of a genotype to rule out Hemochromatosis.  It won't have anything directly to do with gluten or other symptoms, but it is important to find out about.

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