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i didn`t have my period since last 3 months.... in nov`09 it was just for one day & that also dark brownish red little bit...in dec`09 i saw some brownish spot as if i was going to have my period but it didn`t came & jan`10 also i missed my period......i went to doctor this month ..she did my blood test & told me that iron was lacking & she gave me 100 iron tablets...Ferrous Sulfate...i started taking it from mid of jan ...it has been 15 days since i m having it...but my period has not started yet...can u tell me exactly how much time will it take to start my normal period?? will i have to wait till the course ends?? can u suggest me a iron diet chart......


Lacking iron is not a cause for you to lose your cycles. It usually occurs because you fail to ovulate and therefore don't have the signal given to cause the lining of the uterus to shed. You should have other tests performed to try and determine why you haven't been ovulating. If you are on any method of hormonal contraception, that could also cause you not to ovulate.

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