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Eye and Vision Care

I Feel So Sick and Dizzy with My New Glasses



I recently recieved glasses and tried them for over a week. The Dr told me my lasik surgery from 7 years ago could have hidden astigmatism I may have always had. I also told the Dr when I was getting my eyes examed I had a chronic sinus infection. (Which now i have to get surgery for) My right eye seemed blurry at the time too. He diagnosed me with astigmatism in my right eye and the perscription .50 higher than the left. I put the glasses on and feel like I`m looking through one of those fun house mirrors and feel so sick I can`t focus. They said I need time to adjust. 

However if I simply put eyedrops in my eyes for the next 15 minutes I have perfect vision. (My eyes have been known to be very dry after lasik) My right eye is still sort of cloudy. I feel like I can see if I focus but my eyes seem cloudy. Lately now even without the glasses I feel like my balance and vision is off and dizzy. DO I have the wrong perscription? I am not sure but this Dr isn`t really listening to me and my insurance only covers one exam this year. I want to make sure I"m not crazy. My left eye is only slightly changed and that is fine.


Problems with adaptation to a new spectacle prescription are more common than you think. Your case sounds more sophisticated than average because of the history of sinus infection, LASIK and dry eye. Any of these may or may not be contributing to your symptoms. For example, the cornea can have subtle aberrations or irregularities following LASIK and these could affect the quality of your vision, your adaptation to new spectacles and make it more difficult to find the very best prescription for you.


Of course, our advice is no substitutes for an examination, so we would recommend giving your eye doctor an opportunity to work with you.

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Mark  Bullimore, MCOptom, PhD Mark Bullimore, MCOptom, PhD
College of Optometry
The Ohio State University