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Colorectal Diseases

No one can give me an answer!



I have had stomach problems since I was a child. I have always just been told that I had IBS with constipation. However, starting on 12/30/09 I started with severe vomiting (thought it was a bug) that put me in the ER. They treated me got me better and went home. Long story short I had the same symptoms (severe) the entire next day and the day after that I had to be admitted to the hospital. They did nothing but keep me NPO and give me IVF until I started having black BMs. I have a hx of gastric bleeding ulcers. They then did and EGD which showed severe gastritis, duodenitis, esophagitis, and multiple ulcers. The CT scan showed colitis (and I was also having severe LLQ pain the entire time) so the next day they did a colonoscopy. It didn`t show colitis but was "severely swollen." I have followed up with numerous GI doctors because ever since I was discharged I have not been able to stop vomiting. I also have severe LLQ pain so severe it requires narcotics at least 4-5 days/week. No one will give me anything other than I have IBS and I have it so bad I may wind up in the hospital at times to treat it. I don`t feel this is an adequate answer. They are doing an obstructive series with contrast Monday to R/O obstruction, and if it is negative then possibly doing the capsule EGD. If that is also not conclusive I will need a laproscopic exploratory SX. I have been on Tigan and Librax and vomit everyday. I cannot eat, or even drink too much water or it will come up. I am an RN and I am emotionally drained. I cannot work, sleep, eat....its getting to be too much. I was hoping to get your insight on the situation. I am also still religiously taking my Nexium, so the ulcers should be healed by now. Basically, I SHOULD NOT be vomiting like this. Any insight you might have I would appreciate. Thank you for even taking the time to read this. Sincerely, Ashley O`connell


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