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Inherited Disorders and Birth Defects

Poland Syndrome



Hello, I would like to ask you for Possibilities in Poland syndrome treatment. I heard about possibility that other muscles can be used (latissimus dorsi), or breast implant(Becker implant etc.), own fat from buttocks, or Macrolane. What is please the best solution in your opinion for Man,28 years old, fitness coach, with this syndrome (only without one of the pectoralis muscles, no other underdevelopments)? We searched a lot of sources on web, Clinics, but each of Doctors disproves previous Recommendation.Please are some Clinics in Europe or Czech Republic with some solutions for him? Thank you so much for your Answere, I am sorry for shortcomings in Language.


Thank you for visiting NetWellness. This is not an area of my expertise so I am unable to answer your question.  Unfortunately we do not have an expert who answers the questions that you are asking about.  The most appropriate person to discuss treatment for this birth defect would be a plastic surgeon that does breast reconstruction. 

You may have already looked at it, but there is a very good website listed below for people with Poland anomaly and their families, which may provide you with some information. 

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