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Lung diseases

Lung infiltrates



My cousin had a bronchoscopy with washing due to abnormal chest ct and shortness of breath. There was no diagnosis made by the biopsy and other screenings done on the washings. The pumonologist showed us pictures and the lungs look like they are covered with small blood blisters or blood coming to the surface in pinpoint areas like a "hickey". The pulmonologist is stumped at this point. Any suggestions or adice would be immensely appreciated.


The findings seen on the bronchoscopy may be related to many different conditions and are not diagnostic of a specific lung problem. 

Making the diagnosis requires using the information from the patient's medical history, the CT scan and the bronchoscopy.  Some lung diseases and infections can be diagnosed by bronchoscopy and washings.  Other diseases require a biopsy of the trachea or bronchi (the windpipes) or a biopsy of the lungs.  These biopsies can be performed by bronchoscopy or sometimes require a surgery. 

If your cousin is still having symptoms, the next step would be to discuss with your pulmonologist if a biopsy would be helpful.

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