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Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer DCIS



I was diagnosed with 2 DCIS lumps in my right breast in October 2009. Since then, I have noticed an even larger mass, about the size of a flat golfball deeper in the breast tissue. It can`t be seen with the ultrasound and it is hard when you squeeze the breast, but like the DCIS it can`t be seen and has no pain. The only thing I can see is that my nipple has inverted slightly but pops back out to the touch. The only pain I feel is what feels like a hormonal lump above where the flat mass is located. Is this a sign of further breast cancer?


I wonder if this is an area of post-operative or radiation change in the breast (assuming you had radiation). In any event, a lump in the breast should be thoroughly checked out and explained by your breast surgeon, even if it can not be appreciated by ultrasound. Perhaps your breast has just changed from the surgery. But you do need some explanation for a mass in the breast.

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