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Spine and Back Health

Lower Back Pain



I am 46 years old white male, generally in good overall health. 3 weeks ago I had a severe cold with a lot of phlem being caughed up out of my lungs. During that same time my lower back, more on my right side than left but both hurting. Since then the cough is gone but my lower back still hurts and at times get quit severe. I have been trying different methods, sleeping different ways, using ice in 15 minute intervals on the muscles and such. Tonight I drank apple juice with my meal and the pain went away very very quickly. Now it is starting to come back, within 1 hour after my apple juice. Am I looking at wrong area? Could my kidneys be acting up? If it is would the apple juice work that quickly? I generally drink a lot of ice tea and coffee, sugar in tea and black coffee. Thank You.


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