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Dental Hygiene

Dental x-rays



What can you compare the level of radiation from dental x-rays to?


A full mouth series of dental x-rays using round collimation and F speed film is the equivalent amount of 5 days of background radiation exposure. In other words, it is the same amount of radiation that a person would receive just by living their regular lifestyle for 5 days.

A panorex x-ray using rare earth screens is equivalent to the background radiation of 10 hours. 

It is best to use this type of radiation comparison because they are more of the same type of radiation rather than to compare x-radiation to the amount of hours spent in the sun because that is like comparing apples to oranges as far as the kind of radiation produced.

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Constance R Kuntupis, RDH, MA Constance R Kuntupis, RDH, MA
Clinical Associate Professor of Dental Radiology
College of Dentistry
The Ohio State University