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Ear, Nose, and Throat Disorders




I have hearing loss on the right side for the past 18 years (mild to moderate). The doctors once said it was sensorinural due to TB drugs taken by me during childhood. But an audiogram taken in 2003 revealed conductive hearing loss with mild neural loss. Audigrams repeated in 2005 and 2007 revealed the same.Tympanometry done at that time revealed a Type B Flat Tympanogram. The ENT prescribed antibiotics for 2 weeks. Now when I repeated the audiogram it revealed moderate to severe mixed hearing loss. Ofcourse I don`t find much difference. I went to the same ENT specialist whom I have been visiting so far and he said nothing to worry and presciribed some multi-vitamins. He inspected my ear and said everything is fine. I have no ear pain, head ache, no ear discharge, vertigo, tinnitus (very very rare). I have nasal allergy and nasal congestion with no discharge once. So I went to a doctor for second opinion who adivised CT of the Para Nasal Sinus anf temporal bone. The CT of my para nasal sinus revealed mucosal thickening.

The readings are as follows: Soft tissue densities noted in right tympanic cavity. Mastoid air cells on right side are sclerosed Epi, meso and hypotympanum appear normal on left side. scutum appears normal The middle ear ossicles appear normal bilaterally. No evidence of bony destruction/discontinuity. Bony cochlea, Vesitbule and semicircular canals appear normal on both sides. No evidence of bony destruction. Internal auditory canals and internal auditory meati appear normal. carotid and facial nerve canals appear normal on both sides cerebellopontine angle cisterns appear normal. No evidence of mass lesion seen Eustachian canals appear normal bilaterally The carotid canal appears normal bilaterally External auditory canal appears normal bilaterally. The nasopharynx appears normal Soft tissue appears normal. Impression Soft tissue densities in tympanic cavity with sclerosed mastoids air cells in the right side - suggestive of chronic otomastoiditis ----------------------------------------… I asked the specialist whom I visited now with the report and she said forget the CT report. She refused to explain any questions/doubts other that a nasal spray and an anti-allergy tablet for a month and told me to meet her then. What is soft tissue density in the typanic cavity? Does it represent any fluid or some other? I asked whether I need any antibiotic for the chronic mastoiditis. she replied negatively. Please help? All the above said scan report may be due to some repeated infections during the childhood was her answer. I told her so far in my life I haven`t had any ear problem other that the hearing loss. I am worried please help. I even had a second opinion other that to hear "don`t worry - It may be a scar due to an infection during the childhood forget it".


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