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Making Space for Lateral Incisor Implants



I`m missing my lateral incisors and more space needs to be made for natural-looking implants. My front incisors are each about 1 1/10cm wide and the space between them and my canines is of about 1/2cm. Is there a way to have a nice smile without shaving incisors and then getting crowns? I also do not want to have canines shifted into lateral incisor position. Is there a way to make more space between incisors and canine teeth for implants that would be of a good-looking size?


This is so difficult to answer without seeing models or photographs of your teeth. Certainly there are ways to create space by orthodontics, which sometimes even requires extraction of posterior ( back) teeth or by use of miniscrews( TADS) for anchorage. Up front there is the requirement of a minimum of 7 mms of space required for the proper implant screw. If the radiographs (x-rays) show that there is sufficient enamel, some reduction of adjacent teeth is possible. 

You need to ask the orthodntist how he plans to create the space, and you must remember that the roots of the teeth adjacent to the site of the implant must be parallel and apart all the way up in order to have a successful outcome. 

This is the best I can do with the answer given non-visual information.

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