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Dizziness/Blurred Vision



I had some ear pain about three weeks ago,that i thought was from water getting in my ear,then the going iout in the cold.it hurt for about 4days or so,the pain was sharp sometimes throbbing,but i did not go to a dr,and as of now it only comes and goes occasionally,about a week ago i had a fever of 100.00,for just a day that im aware,but since i just recently went into the hosp for dizziness and extreamly blurred vision,the dizziness and blurred vision does not go away,I have had it for about 9 days.it is really bad and most of the time it makes me feel as if im going to pass out,i had a number of blood draws,ekg ct scan chest xray, suger test,blood pressure,all supposedly came back ok,they also looked in my ears and said they were ok,but they wanted me to see a specialist called an ent,they said it could be an inner ear problem.they wanted to admit in the hosp,but do to work i am unable to get time off or i will be fired. is there a medication other than antivert i can take thats non drowsy?any other causes you may think of?how long can i expect this to last?thank you


Is there a medication other than antivert i can take that's non-drowsy? Astelin nasal spray up each side of the nose in AM and PM often clears in 7 days. 

Any other causes you may think of?  Chronic eustachian tube dysfunction due to the gluten in your diet 

How long can i expect this to last? Until you treat it properly

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Glen F Aukerman, MD, DABFP Glen F Aukerman, MD, DABFP
Professor of Family Medicine
College of Medicine
The Ohio State University