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Polyendocrine Failure Type 3



My son was diagnosed Type 1 at age 9 yrs, Celiac age 10 yrs (via biopsy), and recently diagnosed hypothyroid at age 15 yrs. Sibling is hypothyroid and celiac. The endocrinologist has told us that he is at risk for Addison`s (as is his sibling). They have been classified as Polyendocrine failure Type 3. What symptoms would one look for in a Type 1 diabetic recently started on Synthroid if they have sub-optimal adrenal function? More specific - is there a trend in blood glucose readings that a patient should look for that should prompt a call to their care provider?


Questions like this are best addressed in the context of a doctor-patient relationship.  since you already have a relationship with an endocrinologist, I think this would be an appropriate question to direct to that endocrinologist.  You can then ask questions related to what differences there are in the issues for your two children, e.g. how it might present differently in the one with diabetes versus the one without diabetes.

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Robert M Cohen, MD Robert M Cohen, MD
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