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Digestive Disorders

Digestive or Gall Bladder Problem



For the past 5 years I have been experiencing pain in the right (under the rib cage) side of my stomach. I recently had a colonoscopy with 4 polyps being removed and were ok and a endoscopy resulting in GERD. My problem is the pain which is getting worse along with nausea and pain radiating through to the back. I had gallbladder surgery in 1975 but the symptoms are the same. Is it possible that part of the gallbladder is still there? Do you know of any other test my doctor can perform?


It is possible that it is related to the bile ducts. It is not possible for a gallbladder to grow back. New stones rarely form in the bile duct. Contraction of the muscles in the lower bile duct, and even conditions in the pancreas can cause similar symptoms. Evaluation could be done by a gastroenterologist to rule out these issues.

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