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Worried about not getting Periods



I am a 22 year old girl.I had intercourse with my boyfriend on 31st December 2009.On that day I was a bit frantic and made him wear two condoms.Even with that there was no ejaculation and he withdrew after a time.I got my periods on 5th January.We again had physical intimacy on 28th January but this time there was no contact between the penis and the vagina except that I had sucked once(once it tasted as if I had some fluid in my mouth which I spitted out).Except this there was no other contact.I got my periods again on 12th February and it lasted 5-6 days.Thereafter we have had no physical contact and still I have not got my periods in March,which is worrying me like anything.I do not have that much knowledge about safe sex but currently why I am not getting my periods is a huge concern. To mention,I am having Thyronorm tablets(75mg) daily and due to polycystic changes my doctor has advised me Evion 600(1 tablet daily).I usually get painful periods and there is a delay too in my dates since many years,but I am still bothered thinking something might have gone wrong.I shall be grateful if you advise.We have a very rigid society here and I am scared like anything.Although my boyfriend insists that nothing has happened,I would still request you to advise.Is there any medicine which I may have to start my periods?I am unmarried.Also could you tell me the ways of safer sex although I am sure I will not indulge in it before marriage as I am coping with so much tension now due to this.


Many women do not have clock-work-like menstrual periods. This can be due to a variety of reasons, including hyperplasia (where the lining of the uterus gets a little thicker then normal), uterine fibroids (benign tumors of the uterus that can cause irregular bleeding), uterine polyps (also a type of begin tumor-like structure), miscarriages, thyroid problems, excessive weight gain or weight loss, withdrawal of hormonal contraception, and uterine cancer. Additionally, the menstrual cycle can change a bit with increasing age, stress levels, and if you are around other females.

You should talk with you doctor to see what may be causing your irregular bleeding and to develop a better understanding of your particular concerns.

Further information can be found at Abnormal Uterine Bleeding (American Academy of Family Physicians).

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