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Urinary Tract Cancers

Bladder cancer/adrenal gland tumors



I`m sorry, but this is a 2 part question. I am a 70 yr old white female with a moderate income and am diligent about my health. One week ago after having blood in my urine,& pain in my side, I went immediately to my doctor who ordered a sonagram & transvaginal sonagram. She got the results within 3 hrs and I was told I have a mass on my bladder. I have an appointment with a urologist 03/23/10. Does mass usually mean tumor?

The second part of my question involves my adrenal gland. 5 yrs ago, an adrenal gland tumor was found incidentaly.(different doctor) I was told it was benign and not to worry. But over the yrs, I`ve been diagnosed with high blood pressure,rapid heartbeat,& depression. I also have an unusual amount of sweating, & severe headaches& back pain, all which can`t be explained. I`ve seen several doctors for these problems, told them about the adrenal gland tumor & they always say,it`s nothing, it`s benign don`t worry about it. I was told by one doctor my pains were imaginary & another it was part of aging. But I`ve done research on my own and found that adrenal gland tumors can cause all these things in addition to going to other locations, including bladder & along the spine. Could this mass be related to the adrenal gland tumor? Thank you for any answer you can give me and for listening to me.


These are very good questions. Mass in the bladder is usually a cancer. You need to see an oncologist regarding the adrenal gland and get it reimaged, and for the bladder mass as well. More answers are long and complicated.

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