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Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD)

Stomach Pain



Hi. I have been experiencing major stomach pain off and on for several months. Sometimes, it is so bad that I head to the ER where they give me a Maalox and lidocaine solution to drink. Unfortunately, this time the solution is not working quite so well. I am having diarrhea, nausea and my abdomen hurts quite a bit. I am taking bites of yogurt that will hopefully help with the stomach pain.

My Family Doctor ordered a couple of tests a while ago. One being UltraSound of all quadrants of my abdomen. Another test, I laid on a table and a X-Ray machine was positioned above me and pictures were taken of my gall bladder and then they injected a radioactive substance that squeased my gall bladder, causing a major amount of pain and took more pictures. I believe they injected 3 different silver vials into the hep-loc.

I also have intermittent chest wall pain, that comes on with stress.

I also have noticed that I have extra amounts of gas in my stomach that sometimes is the cause of my stomach pain. I know this because after the doctor pounds on my back a few times the stomach pain subsides slowly.

I went to the ER today and was told to stay away from certain types of food such as: pepper, caffeine, chocolate, pop, coffee and tea. The doctor told me that these would cause more stomach pain.

I don`t know what to do. I am in pain right now. I am kind of embarassed as well for going to the ER for chest wall pain and being treated for stomach pain...which I did have as well. The EKG was normal.

I am a sensitive person. I tend to ponder things over and over.

This week has been tramatic for me: I had a fight with a family member, I babysat for a friend`s child, and I quit my part time job so I could babysit full time for this adorable child.


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