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Why Am I stuttering?



I started stuttering around the age of 14 and its no like i stutter an every word but just one and its usually a name of something or it happens when I start to think about what I`m going to say. For instance when ever I buy a lunch at school they ask you to say your last name and every time I stand there trying to say hoping that there understand that i have a stutter. Also I cant say my brothers name and just the word "brother".


It is unusual that you started stuttering at age 14. Usually stuttering starts before age 5, but many people who stutter present as you are describing, that is they stutter on certain words, sounds or phrases, and this gets worse when a person is tired, stressed, or excited. We do not know the exact causes of stuttering, but genetics is a factor.

If you would like treatment for this, I would suggest that you contact a speech language pathologist for an evaluation and to discuss treatment options.

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Paula C Rabidoux, PhD/CCC-SLP Paula C Rabidoux, PhD/CCC-SLP
Clinical Associate Professor of Psychiatry
Clinical Associate Professor of Speech & Hearing
College of Social and Behavioral Sciences
The Ohio State University