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Myasthenia Gravis

Afraid of ALS



well my question is about als...i had a brother that was adopted out at birth..a couple of years ago i decieded to find him.. they tell me he died of als..well a year and a half ago my calfs started hurting really bad so i got on the internet and it brought me right to als...well that got me going..after that i started having muscle twitches in my calfs..back..arms,,elbows and just about everywhere but mainly in my calfs..then a couple days later my tongue started to hurt like it was burnt on the tip and looked thick..sometimes it moves to the middle of the tongue but then back to the front and is red..well a year and a half has gone by and i still have muscle twitches and my tongue still hurts and looks thick..if i close my eyelids tight and open them my eyelids twitch for about 10 seconds..i dont think im weak but my calfs look more defined like my legs more sculptured..my thumb muscles hurt sometimes when i use a screwdriver for awhile and it feels like a lump in my throat above the collar bone..i look at every part of my body now and cant remember if the dips were there before or not..i feel like something is happening and with a brother that had it it makes me nervous but i cant get myself to go in to a neuroligist because i dont think i could handle the answer if it turns out i do...no one else in my family on both sides has had it except for my brother...does it sound like als?


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