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Anxiety and Stress Disorders

Do I really have ADD or is it Anxiety?



Greetings, I am a 37 year old divorced woman. I have had a history of depression which has been treated off and on. My primary care doctor tried several different anti-depressants, including Loprexa, Celexa, and Wellbutrin, with little or no benefit. Finally, he told me that he thought I may have an eating disorder and suggested that I see a psychiatrist. Even though I am overweight, and when feeling stressed or inadequate I may go on an eating binge, I have to wonder if my problems are more to do with anxiety than with food. After seeing a psychiatrist, he diagnosed me as ADD with depression and prescribed Prozac (40mg) and Adderall (20mg 2x a day). When I told him that I was still feeling anxious, he prescribed Celexa and stopped the Prozac. The Adderall makes me feel calm and somewhat relaxes me, but there are still times that I feel jittery and jumpy. I worry constantly about anything and everything, I`m constantly picking at my nails or my cuticles and sometimes break down and cry when the simplest things go wrong. My overall mood is generally happy and carefress unless or until something goes wrong. Could this be anxiety instead of ADD? If so, is there anything that you suggest? Thank you in advance for your time and advice.


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