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Help for Howell Mom



It has been suggested to me that I may have Epilepsy, but I am doubting it myself. What happens to me, is that my blood pressure (which on a normal day is 90/60) increases to around 210/140, then within a minute or two, it drops suddenly, to 75/36 was the lowest they logged it. When this happens, I feel my heart beating in my face and can hear it in my ears and see it in my eyes. I usually almost black out, yet on a few occurrences, I do black out all together. some say epilepsy, some say mini strokes, either way, some say migraines...either way, I am not getting any help for this, thought I have been trying and trying. These "spells" last for 2-3 days, followed by major fatigue that lasts another week. Please help


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