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Ear, Nose, and Throat Disorders

Nose Scab Problem



I have had a scab in my nose for over 20 years. It is on the upper inside of the nostril. I also have a problem in that I usually can only breath out of one of the nostrils. The other always seems stuffy. The stuffiness switches from side to side but usually occurs in the side without the scab. As a result, I often have a hard time breathing, especially at night, and as a result, pick the scab in order to breath better. When picking the scab, I sometimes get bleeding and sometimes not. Although it has been bleeding more lately than in the past. I can`t leave it alone because I can not breath. I am embarresed to go to a doctor. I have tried vasaline, but that makes the scab slide off and bleed worse. I don`t know what to do and am afraid it will continue to get worse. I can`t remember when or how I got it, I just know it won`t go away. Is there any products I could try? Why am I always stuffy in one side. If the stuffiness would stay in the bad side, I could at least breath good out of the good side and then could leave the bad side to maybe heal by itself without picking it. Any help would be appreciated.


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