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Sports Medicine

Recovery for a Broken Ankle



I broke my fibula, very low down and had a plate and 4 screw put in. After being in a cast for 2 weeks it was taken off and i was told by the surgeon to start moving my ankle around to try to get the range of motion back but no weight bearing for 4 weeks. I am getting some range of motion back but it is very slow going! The concern I have is that every time i lower my foot it goes stiff, and turns a blotchy purple within about 5 minutes. Is this normal or something to be concerned about? It happened right after the cast came off and is still going on with no improvement at all when i lower my foot. Any suggestions on how to get it to stop or should I be worried? Thank you very much.


These questions need to be directed to your treating orthopedist, who is familiar with your case, including results of your physical examination, imaging studies, and intra-operative details. In particular, you will want to be assured there is no problem with the blood flow into (arterial circulation) as well as out of (venous circulation) your foot.

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