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Ankle Swelling



I have swelling in both of my ankles on the inside, outside, and the achiles tendon. My range of motion in my ankle is limited I think mostly because of the swelling. I feel pain in the tendons all around my ankle but mostly in the achiles. In the mornings I can`t walk for at least an hour and after an hour or two I can walk but it`s still painful. Most of the pain walking is sensitivity in my heals. I find myself walking on the balls of my feet. While off my feet if I touch the muscles and tendons around my ankles they are tender swollen and very inflamed. The inside of my ankle where the tendons are are very stiff and rigid. If I try to walk in the morning as soon as I wake up i experience excruciating burning sensations all around my ankles that last for 5-10 minutes.

I have been experiencing this for about 7 days now and am worried. I have looked into plantar fasciitis and achiles tendonitis and experiencing some of these symptoms but my ankles are more swollen and the pain is more pronounced than in those descriptions.

I am a server at a restaurant and have recently increased my hours so I am on my feet quite a bit. I started noticing heel pain a month ago but it wasn`t too painful until this past week. I must add that I am flat footed and was wearing old shoes up until the swelling in my ankles occured. I have since bought new shoes with cushioned inserts.

Currently I am using IB profin and icing. I try to stay off my feet as much as possible but I still must work. I have no health insurance and no sick pay. I`m just wondering what i might be experiencing and the best plan of attack for my situation.

Thank you.


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