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Concerns about Bloodflow, Erection and Size



I am 27 yrs old and 2 years ago I had my first kid. Since then I can`t seem to keep an erection for even half as long as I use to. I was able to have sex for like an hour before ejaculating. Now it`s like 10 min. Also the size has gone down it seems. It`s like I`m loosing blood flow to that area. Is there anything I can naturally do to increase blood flow, or natural herbs to improve bloodflow?


Penile size is constant and does not decrease at young age. It may seem to adequate for most men but less than one minute is called premature ejaculation. Underlying depression may have a role in this condition.

You may have heard herbal remedies being advertized on media but there is no scientific evidence such remedies are worth their cost.

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