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Athletic Training

Broken Leg and Arthritis



My sister was hit by a car and broke her leg. The doctors told her it was about 99.9% chance that she will get arthritis in it. This is her second week back to work and she is getting more pain in her leg since starting work. The pain also seems to go along with the change in the weather. How long after a break can arthritis develop?


Thank you for the question. You do not mention how long ago the break was or if she performed physical therapy for rehabilitation. It is not uncommon in the healing phase to have continued pain and soreness in an injured extremity once resuming full activities.  It does not necessarily mean that she has developed arthritis in the joint.


My suggestion would be to have her follow up with her physician for a re-evaluation to determine if she needs additional treatment to allow her a more pain free return to her work activities.
Good Luck!

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Janine   Oman, MS, PT/ATC Janine Oman, MS, PT/ATC
Assistant Athletic Director
Instructor at the School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences
College of Medicine
The Ohio State University