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Mouth Diseases

Painful `Blisters` Below the Tongue, on Side



At times, I get these painful blister like things in my mouth, usually below/behind the tongue area. If I don`t treat them on time, they get more painful. I think, though I can`t be sure that I get them when I am exposed to cold/when I eat something sour. If I am exposed to cold, either I catch a cold, and fall sick, or I get these. They usually go with an overdose of Vitamin C 1000mg 2-3 times/day.


Without actually examining you, I can only speculate on what is actually occurring.

My first question would be how long do they last and what is the frequency of occurrence? Do your mouth or tissues feel painful or "tingly" before the lesions actually present themselves (Prodrome)? Are they ulcerations, or do they look like pimples with a clear fluid filling? Do they occur on the same place every time or very close to the same place?

You may have "Aphthous Ulcerations" localized inflammatory response ulcer or fiery ulcer, or you could have "recurrent Herpes Simplex infection". I would need to see the exact location and physical presentation of the lesion to be certain. When you describe "below/behind the tongue area" is the lesion on the jaw bone (Mandible) or on the floor of the mouth? That may help distinguish the type of problem.

These types of questions would assist in getting a better handle of what is going on.

If you are concerned you should have this evaluated by your dentist or primary care provider to determine what is going on.

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Richard J Jurevic, DDS, PhD Richard J Jurevic, DDS, PhD
Formerly, Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences
School of Dental Medicine
Case Western Reserve University