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Lung diseases

Coughing Spasms



I have had a reoccuring cough for some time now. The coughing fits can be so severe that I will eventually vomit. After a recent cold and bronchitis, I developed these spasms in my chest/lung area which are preventing me from taking a full breath. While I do not feel like I have any trouble breathing, I do have trouble speaking as the spasms interrupt my airflow when talking.

I have tried asthma inhalers, advair, codeine syrup, and over the counter cough medicines. The only thing that has provided relief is oxycontin which I`m taking for severe rib pain just under my left chest area. I only take the oxycontin at night, but it provides complete relief of all my symptoms. Any thoughts would be appreciated.


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Jeff E Weiland, MD Jeff E Weiland, MD
Associate Professor - Clinical
OSU Asthma Center
College of Medicine
The Ohio State University