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Dental Hygiene

Kid's Toothpaste



I have been using kids toothpaste for my 3 year old son. But last week we were out of the kids tooth paste and I am using our regular (adult) tooth paste for my child. I brush his teeth twice a day and have been using this adult tooth paste for a week.

Yesterday my friend said it is not safe to use the regular tooth paste for the kids. Am I doing the right thing or should I show my son to a doctor? The paste has 0.24% Sodium Fluoride and 0.30% Triclosan.

Please reply immediately as I am concerned about him now.


Adult toothpaste is fine too. Children's pastes were developed because they believed that kids didn't like the tingling feeling of the typical mint-flavored adult pastes.
As long as you are using no more than a small pea size of toothpaste that is recommended by the American Dental Association (ADA) and it has the ADA seal on the box/tube (regardless of brand or flavor) you should be fine. Look for [cid:143335716@23042010-2F33]

Happy Brushing!

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Susan   Bauchmoyer, RDH, EFDA,  MS Susan Bauchmoyer, RDH, EFDA, MS
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College of Dentistry
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