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Stomach Bloating and Swelling of Hands..



For the past week I have been bloated in and around my belly area. It looks like I am 7 to 9 months pregnant. The bloating hurts real bad to where I can`t bend over and tie my shoes and I waddle because it hurts to walk normal. No I am not pregnant and my period came and went. Also when I wake in the morning my hands are so swollen that I can`t even put my wedding ring on. The bloating and swelling lasts throughout the day. I do have seasonal allergies and I take Zertec to help and prescription strength Motrin (800mg) for other aches and pains. No my diet has not changed and I drink plenty of fluids throughout the day. Allergy season has been real bad this year due to the cold and wet winter. Could what I am experiencing be allergies or something else. Help it hurts even to type this. Thank you.


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