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Alzheimer's Disease

Trauma Room Dementia



My father 78 years went in to have surgery to fix vein in his stomach so down the road he could have a stent put in. Everything went fine until he woke up. He didn`t remeber anything. This was back 3 weeks ago. He is remebering some, but he wants to sleep all the time. NO MEDS. He is still in the hosptal. The doctors want him in a nursing home for rehab. Will he ever be better or close to it?


It is impossible to predict without knowing the entire medical history and his clinical course. However, since he is older and since you are noticing improvement in his thinking, there is a chance that he will continue to improve gradually over time. Older individuals often take longer to recover from brain insults of whatever type.

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Douglas W Scharre, MD Douglas W Scharre, MD
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