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Pharmacy and Medications

Irritation by Spices on Tongue



My mother, 72 years old has this problem. Her eyes start watering and she gets panicky when she accidently eats any spice. As a result, she can`t even eat out. Is there any OTC kind of treatment available for her, please? She has been eating normal spicy food all her life.


I do not know of any OTC medication that could help this without having a physician see and diagnose the cause of the reaction. If she is having a panic attack associated with the spice, a physician may be able to help. Some spices cause a release in histamine, so an antihistamine may help, too. However, it would be important to find out why she is reacting this way.

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Michael  Ganio, PharmD Michael Ganio, PharmD
Clinical Applications Pharmacist
Wexner Medical Center
The Ohio State University