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RE: Physical Therapy



I found out later that it stood for soft tissue injury. The physical therapist said that there is nothing he can do for me. The only thing that he can do would be ultrasound treatments but I can`t get it because I was so inflamed and tender. Is there any other things that I can do to help with breast bone inflamed fRom RA? I have been using heat, ice, rest and medications. It has been inflamed for 8 weeks now and not showing any signs of settling down.



Previous Question: My doctor is sending me to physical therapist for chest wall pain. He wrote on the note physico. chest wall sti? What could STI stand for?


Answer: What you have written in your question is not a standard abbreviation, and I cannot comment on what might be written since I do not have the document in front of me. Call your physician`s office and ask them to clarify your diagnosis.

Just as a wild guess, do you think it says physical chest wall strain? (Strain would typically be abbreviated str.)








My advice is to be consistent with the heat and medications, and then maybe find someone who can do myofacial release.  Myofacial release is a very gentle release technique that should calm down the pain without using pressure.  Here is a website where you could find out a little more:

A physical therapist or massage therapist might know these techniques.  Call ahead, ask the therapist if he/she knows myofacial release, and would be comfortable working with you.


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