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Alzheimer's Disease

Alzheimer’s Disease Prevention



Please give me some tips to prevent dementia and Alzeimers` disease.

I am a 37 year old woman, 165 height, 57 weight, married, no pregnancy. Regarding to my headaches and loss of memory as well, I went to a neurologist couple of months ago. The frequency of headaches is everyday and in the beginning of the days and more in the back of my head. Also, I am worried a lot because of the loss of memory. I do not know how I can describe it here to you, but I sometimes forget the important issues such as things that related to my job and lessons. I have doctorate in pharmacy in Iran and in couple of months I have get started to study pharmacy for PhD. When I read my lessons I learn and satisfied, but afterwards, I can not remember enough! I am really worried for my future. My mother passed away at 72, 2 years ago and she had hypertension and diabetes and had have 2 MI, 1 at 67 and the second at 72. Besides she had a little dementia. I do not do exercises enough and I think how I can prevent.


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