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Pancreatic Cancer

.7 cm pancreatic lesion



I am a 56 year old female with recurring abdominal discomfort and a history of colon polyps, diverticulitis and kidney stones. My gall bladder was removed about 10 years ago. I just had a CT scan and was informed by my doctor`s nurse that a .7 cm lesion was found on my pancreas. The nurse said I needed to have a follow-up CT scan in 3 months. My husband thinks I should see the doctor sooner than that. Should I be concerned or is a 3 month wait-and-see approach reasonable?


Based on your description, it is not clear if this is a solid or cystic lesioin. A benign appearing cystic lesion can be followed. However, if you wish for furhter workuup an Endoscopic Ultrasound can be ordered. If this is a solid lesion, further workup is waranted at this time with possible biopsy.

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Syed A Ahmad, MD Syed A Ahmad, MD
Associate Professor of Surgery
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati