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How Can I Limit Dust Mite Exposure?



I`m so sensitive to dust allergy, that even if my husband move some papers, like receipts and I`m standing far away from him I can perceive the dust in my nose and I have running nose inmediately and I feel the dust going straight into my forehead, what can I do or what can I take for this sensitive dust allergy?


There are many things to do to avoid dust mite exposure:

  • Vacuuming 2-3 times a week
  • Remove dust collecting items from the bedroom
  • Special protective encasements for the pillow and box spring
  • Dehumidification keeping the indoor relative humidity between 30-50%

However, you first have to determine if you are actually “sensitized” to dust mite or if you are having an irritant response to dust. If you have not seen an allergist, you should in order to make this determination. Treatment with appropriate medication can lessen or prevent your symptoms in response to dust exposure.

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