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Digestive Disorders

Stomach Acidity and Consequences



Hi, I read an answer of Julia Gore Thornton, MD to some question regarding digestive disorder. I really appreciate as it covered some extent of my stomach problem. I seek her counsel after telling her my problem.

I am 29 now. Since 2002, I am suffering from acidity, ulceration etc. and symptoms were different during different time periods. Here I tell about the current codition.

Use of oily/spicy food, carbonated drinks (cola, etc), tobacco, tea/coffee worsen my condition. Symptoms appear as I get a strange feeling, something starts from abdomen and comes upwards. Severe pain I feel without knowing origin as mentally I get stuck. Some terrible memories/feelings encircle me and it is uncontrollable. I feel then that I don`t have energy to stand up or move my hands even. Incomplete vomitting and tears in eyes. The most terrible is that for this span of 20 to 30 seconds I am total helpless, neither can think of anything nor can speak nor can read or feel anything. I get a sudden releif after 30 seconds approx. and that odd feelings ends immediately and even I forget what I just felt.

This attack recurs after every one or two hours. I use omeprazole family medicines. In one or two days, I am stablized until the use of above mentioned food items make me sick again like this. I try to control the diet but practically it is hard to avoid these everywhere. Simpler food is not easy to get available.

Kindl kindly kindly, suggest something to me. How can I be able to digest the normal foods. I await.


You have a lot of different symptoms that occur together. I would definitely recommend you see your primary care provider for further evaluation to help come up with a unifying diagnosis for your symptoms. Your symptoms may be related to acid reflux, irritable bowel syndrome or something altogether different. I would recommend you continue to keep track of when the symptoms are occurring and what happened prior to the onset of symptoms so that your primary provider can detect a pattern to the symptoms.

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