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Allergy to Self (Autoimmune Disease)



I am a geneticist for LabCorp. My Mother has MS and I have done research on my own about this disease but it is not expertise.

My question is, will the introduction of Anti-Idiotype antibodies that target offending autoimmune T and B cells lower the levels of the autoimmune T and B cells or will the offending autoimmune T and B cells recognize the anti-ID`s as antigen and then replicate causing even more problems?

Below is why I ask.

I have found a large number of articles showing the Epstein-Barr definitely is correlated with MS and that MBP is the target protein for the autoimmune reaction in MS. I feel that a possible treatment / cure may be anti-idiotype antibodies to target the T and B cells that cause the autoimmune reaction. Specifically the protein sequences QKRPS and PRHRD on the MBP (myelin basic protein). These protein sequences are the only sequences that are shared between EBNA1 (Epstein-Barr Nuclear Antigen 1) and MBP.


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