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Lung Cancer

Cyst and Should I Worry?



Recently I was having problems with diverticulities. I had a ct scan, and they found 3mmx3mm non-calcified pulmonary nodules, two different spots on the left and a thin linear density on the right base of the lung. Also a 2cm simple cyst in the right hepatic lobe and a benign calcification in the right hepatic lobe and cardiomegaly. Do I need to worry about these cysts? Should I see a specialist.


A non-calcified nodule in the lung can represent infection, scar or malignancy. In your case the lung nodules are very small (3mmx3mm) and you will most likely need followup chest CT scans in 3-6 months to determine if they increase in size. Because they are only 3mm, we cannot biopsy them at this time. If it is infection, sometime they do disappear on the follow up CT scans. A followup with a pulmonologist would be appropriate. Depending on the risk factors (smoking status, family history of cancer, etc.), a pulmonologist will be able to determine the management plan or the need for biopsy.

You also had question about the benign calcification and the cyst in the liver. It will be a good idea to discuss these findings with a gastroenterologist or hepatologist (specialist in liver diseases). The specialist will be able to suggest furhter tests that are appropriate.

You may also want to discuss with your primary physician regarding the cardiomegaly. You doctor may order an echocardiogram and depending on the findings will decide on the appropirate follow up care plan.

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Shaheen  Islam, MD, MPH Shaheen Islam, MD, MPH
Clinical Associate Professor
Pulmonary, Allergy, Critical Care & Sleep
College of Medicine
The Ohio State University