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Dental and Oral Health (Adults)

Swollen Taste buds?



I have a series of seemingly random lumps or tastebuds near the center-back of my tongue that are hard and pliable. As long as I can remember they have been there, but never have they actually stood out the way they do now. Recently the back of my tongue has become covered in a whitish green substance, and this is when I noticed them becoming hard and rough to the touch. Also I have had canker sores in my throat and on my tonsils, causing the circumvallate papillae to swell from what the doctor says is a viral infection. Could it be possible that these are also symptoms of the infection?


From your description, it does not sound as if the papillae are involved in the infection. The description you have given is within the normal description of these structures.

Sometimes when you have other irritations, they can seem a little more prominent or sensitive. The coating on your tongue probably came from something you were eating or even possibly something like cough drops or hard candy that you may have had dissolving in your mouth due to your throat irritation or lesions. I hope this helps answer your question and concerns.

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Response by:

D Stanley Sharples, DDS
Clinical Assistant Professor of Primary Care Dentistry
College of Dentistry
The Ohio State University