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Oral Cancer or Normal?



i have been getting those small bumps from cheek biting on both sides of my inner cheeks. on my left side, i notice a white line, a small bump and a tiny sore below that. on my right side, i just notice a small bump and no white line. i have been trying to stop this...i did it cause i was stressed about things. i have been worried about it and i might get oral cancer just from that. i need some help! i have tried mouthaid(a medicine that is supposed to heal canker sores, cold sores, and irritations of the mouth and gums). i don`t think it is working on that. what do you think i should do other than stop biting my cheeks? and i have been wearing a plastic retainer. the bottom retainer was alright until it broke in two pieces. i think that is what is causing my problem.i only wear the retainer at night. the top part is fine, its just the bottom one. i just need some advice on this please?


Overall, the likelihood of this being (or causing cancer) is low. Nonetheless, you should regularly follow this with your dental professional for evaluation and specific advice on how to stop biting the inside of your cheeks, as they may be able to modify your retainer and/or design an oral appliance to help you. 

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